HDR has built a reputation as a leader in generator service and testing. Our technical experts come with years of training and experience, and are equipped to provide unparalleled testing services, as well as regular maintenance, and repair solutions as needed.

HDR is equipped with a wide array of testing equipment, and can provide accurate assessment of testing results to increase unit efficiency and service life. Some of the tests we can provide are:


 Doble Power Factor

ELCID Core Test

Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope

Corona Discharge

Insulation Resistance

Copper Resistance

Rotor Pole Balance

Rotor Impedance

As well as others as needed.


In addition to regular maintenance, it is sometimes necessary to undertake repairs to generator components. In this regard, HDR is uniquely qualified. HDR can provide both the materials and technical knowledge necessary to repair a large number of problems that can occur across all generator types. Some of the more common maintenance and repair work includes:


Flux Probe Installation

Partial Discharge Coupler Installation

Wedge Replacement

Coil Support Block Replacement

Support Board Refurbishment and Replacement

Stator and Rotor Regular Maintenance and Cleaning